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2pac’s Pal on the 20x South Bus

being a list of my tweets from last night

  • THIS bus has a fellow claiming 2Pac as a friend and he’s alive. Arguing with fellow saying “Nig is DEAD.” They have opposing choruses too.
  • Q:“Why you with a crazy girl?!” A:“Dude, I’m 36. She’s 21. She’s playing MY game.”
  • This dialogue is GOLD. Mamet on the 20x South.
  • 2pac’s pal can spin a tale taller than Samuel Fucking Clemens.
  • 2pac’s buddy’s grandpappy was a friend of Bill Clinton.
  • 2pac’s pal name checking every conspiracy theory of the 20th Century. Elijah Mohammed and JE Hoover colluded on killing of King and X.
  • Nice! Chorus is correcting factual errors of 2pac’s pal. Pal saying Mandela was American. Chorus stomped him. My fellow Americans.
  • 2pac’s pal attempts to talk to heavycute black girl. Asks her name. She flirts back but he gets NO name.
  • We’re losing chorus now. Bus PACKING up.
  • I think the 20x South Show is over. Feel is electric though. It has to be the Holidays I think.
  • Hah! Just to prove me wrong 2pac’s pal starts beatboxing. Not real well.
  • Someone raps. Rhymes “while” with “OJ trial.” I give it THE GAS FACE. Uh oh, here’s my stop. Bye bye 20x.

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