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ArtLung Semidaily Links

In 2004 the linkblogging bug bit me.

I was inspired by Jorn Barger and Andy Baio. This predated twitter, and Facebook of course. And providing an updated list of “what’s cool” was really fun to do.

I gave up on it in 2005, and found the original and moved everything there. In the 8 years since I added thousands of links there.

I want to make sure I have a copy of my own links somewhere I control. I intend to make it searchable and navigable. Last night I took some time and imported all those delicious bookmarks and have revived, symbolically, “Semidaily.”

One thing I may do is integrate these links, along with archived tweets, along with anything else I can think of, into the old pages of the blog – basically integrated bookmarks, blog posts, tweets, and photos retroactively. So at any one time I can see everything I was doing in a particular month.

They used to call some of this lifeblogging, and I remember Mark Pilgrim called a combined feed of all his RSS content “the firehose” – but I think I don’t really want it as I live my life. If you want to aggregate me, go for it.

But for me, I like it more retroactively. To see what made me laugh, to see what made me smart, to see my news sources.

So there it is.

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What else did he post in May 2013?

(Friday May 3rd 2013 at 8:05pm)

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