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My Open Source Report Card

THE OPEN SOURCE REPORT CARD based on GitHub accounts, like mine. e.g.:

Joe is a high caliber Javascripter. Joe is a hump day hero who seems to work best in the morning.

Joe’s behavior is quite similar to pdokas‘s but pdokas spends more of their time commenting on issues. It would also be impossible to look at Joe’s activity stream and not compare it to those of shishkin, buzzdecafe, thedjpetersen and mboinet. It seems—from their activity streams—that Joe and david-sabata are probably friends or at least virtual friends. With this in mind, it’s worth noting that david-sabata speaks more languages.


The two following graphs show Joe’s average weekly and daily schedules. These charts give significant insight into Joe’s character as a developer. The colors in the charts indicate the fraction of events that are watching, pushes, and issue comments.


Based on this average weekly schedule, we can describe Joe as a hump day hero. Since Joe’s most active time is around 11am, I would conclude that Joe works best in the morning. It is important to note that an attempt has been made to show the daily schedule in the correct time zone but this procedure is imperfect at best.

The following chart shows number of events of different types in Joe’s activity stream. In the time frame included in this analysis, Joe’s event stream included a total of 18 events and they are all watching, pushes, or issue comments.


Joe has contributed to repositories in 3 different languages. In particular, Joe is a serious JavaScript expert. The following chart shows the number of contributions made by Joe to repositories where the main language is listed as JavaScript, Python, or PHP.


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