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Reflecting on myself, August 2014.


Back in August I made this image of myself from different eras. It was fun to put it together.

It showcases my various haircuts and facial hair.

Top Left

A driver’s license photo from the mid 1990s. I arrived in California to try to get into movies. I cultivated long hair and a bushy beard. Driver’s License Party Trick, Goodbye

Top Middle

Bolo tie, mustache. I was in Respiratory Therapy school. I posted this photo, from my college yearbook, back in 2002.

Top Right

Me, California Hospital, 1996. Self-taken shot of me as a Respiratory Therapist on the roof of the parking garage of the hospital where I was working in 1996. Archeology: 1996: When I was a Respiratory Therapist.

Middle Row, Center

I’m in headphones. Roughly 7 years old. I’m probably listening to music or to a Star Wars soundtrack. You can see old splash pages here: Jan 30, 2002.

Middle Row, Right

From this year, particularly good hair day.

Bottom Left

2010 I think. Grieving. Over-sideburned and over-goateed.

Bottom Center

This year at La Jolla. Wet head and slightly chilly. The beach is where it’s at.

Bottom Right

13 year old me with my sister at Yellowstone. I posted this one back in 2002. Whew! Long Lost Geyser Picture.

Enough narcissism! Onward, dudes.

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