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Oh look I’m posting and old

Nobody reads blogs anymore. Nobody blogs anymore. Nobody writes anymore.

Except people do. Kottke does, still, and regularly. But in the corners of the blog world old favorites still blog (e.g: Tony Pierce, Suebob, Peter-Paul Koch, The Militant and many others). I know this because I follow things in my RSS Reader, powered by Tiny Tiny RSS which I run on my hosting setup. Shared setup because I am not cool and no virtual servers and am not “serverless” and pay good money for system administration thank you very much.

RSS is still great. RSS/Atom, whatever it takes.

Oh, did I mention I’m old? Well I am I guess. I’m 46 and continue aging. I can see my eyesight failing tiny increment by tiny increment, as a Gaussian blur takes shape year over year at things distant and close.

But physically I’m better than in a long time. I can walk father and am stronger than I’ve been in a long time. How? By being physically active regardless of how incompetently I am physically active. I take walks. I wander. I swim. The same ethos that has me drawing on the regular (draw a lot and poorly to get better) it has turned out works for exercise. I don’t call it art, I don’t call it exercise, and it’s tolerable and worthwhile.

Meh. This was a blog post in 2016. Look at that.

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