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Dallas Morning News endorses Senator Clinton.

We recommend Hillary Clinton for president–Dallas Morning News Editorial

Cogent, coherent argument from the Dallas Morning News. This election is really quite astounding on many levels.

And for those of of you clinging desperately to the idea a third party candidate can win: you fundamentally don’t understand the game. In the Super Bowl you really have to pick one of the teams that is in the final contest because that’s how it’s done. It’s nice to think other teams is best or feel they got robbed but the system eliminates those candidates numerically. Until we restructure the Presidential Contest, your 3rd party vote indicates a fundamental misunderstanding of the compromises inherent in the current system.

And if you’re voting for Trump because you think he’s going to upend the system? You’re a tool. Trump is for Trump. His continuously shifting allegiances and stances show a human being utterly divorced from notions of service, public works, or even coherent moral principles. He will sell you down the river for his own gain.

That last idiom was intentional.

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