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Happy Birthday ArtLung Blog!

Nineteen years ago I started this blog! “Happy Blog Day” says gRegor Love to me at the San Diego Homebrew Website Club event here at Subterranean Coffee. Simon Prickett is also here. It’s lovely to be able to sit and discuss the web. In an era of ubiquitous social media: Instagram Stories, the Facebook Feed, TikTok viral videos, the wall of text at Twitter, it’s nice to think about a humbler, simpler web. Anil Dash wrote in December a lovely post: The People’s Web, about the promise and essential value of a web not at gigantic web scale. “Home Page” is a friendly phrase, and more friendliness, genuine friendliness is in short supply.

That first post of mine was one in which I wondered “Of course, I’ll have to keep it up. Let’s see if I can do that.”. Turns out I have. After all, I believed Jakob Nielsen when he wrote Web Pages Must Live Forever.

Last time I wrote a listlet of things past and upcoming.

Tonight I’m just stream-of-consciousness-ing it. I talked about my post from last night: a transcription of the talk Adam Bosworth gave at the 2005 O’Reilly Media MySQL Conference. Rough. But packed with ideas that have stayed with me.

Lately I’m trying out a tool called Polypane which allows previewing, navigating, and inspecting webpages at multiple breakpoints simultaneously. It’s $12/month and seems well worth it so far. This site currently has a number of glitches with the CSS that cause it to be imperfect at multiple sizes.

Subterranean just had Frank Zappa’s “Uncle Remus” play over the speakers. Not a song I have heard in public other than played by Dweezil Zappa.

The next Homebrew Website Club will be on March 18, and after that it will be on April 28th. I’m going to try and get them into the event site SD Tech Scene. Thanks again to gRegor for putting this together. It’s been a delight to get back into the ol’ indieweb.

Thanks for reading!

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