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Rebecca Sugar: Steven Universe

I had to thank my friend Brianna for introducing me to Steven Universe several years ago. And here’s a great interview/conversation with Rebecca Sugar about the difficulty of producing shows which strive to tell stories we’ve not heard in new ways. Steven Universe is an amazing show that manages to produce a unique science-fictional fantasy for kids that can also be read in much deeper ways about family, forgiveness, relationships, redemption, change, sacrifice and a pile of other things. I’ve not seen the She-Ra reboot but Nimona by Noelle Stevenson is brilliant and thoughtful — fun to have her in conversation with Sugar.

I love this quote by Rebecca Sugar:

Back when I was working on comics, I started thinking of making art as a conversation. I had this blind date theory of storytelling: you don’t necessarily know who your audience is, but you’d want to speak to them like you’d speak to someone in real life, across the table from you. You don’t want to just say what you think they want to hear, you don’t want to just say something only you care about, you want to speak to someone.

From In Conversation: Rebecca Sugar and Noelle Stevenson.

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