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Frequently Asked Questions (2011 or earlier)

More old stuff! Deleting the former page, turning it into a blog post. Things got to change if they’re to improve!


What do you have to do with the Web Standards Project? Are you active in that group now?

I wrote the first version of the Baseline Proposal / Manifesto when the WSP was being formed. I am no longer a part of the leadership of that group. I support their work enthusiastically though!
What is WebSanDiego?
WebSanDiego was a mailing list and community for San Diego web developers. I founded it in 1999. I no longer participate in it.


Can I hire you to do my web site?
Yes. Drop me a line.
How can I make a WordPress theme?
A wordpress theme must have 2 files. style.css and index.php. That’s all you need. If you can put all your html into index.php and all your css into style.css you’re, I swear, 50% there in developing your theme. Once there, implement the loop, and you’re on your way. As you go on, and have to implement other things, you will encounter other portions of theme development. The details on what different other files in a theme can do are well documented here: Theme Development.

Don’t hack on an existing theme if you are getting clean html. Hacking an existing theme is a road to extreme frustration. For years that’s how I worked on sites, and when I finally started doing it from scratch I had much better luck.

This is excellent: Theme Development Checklist. While you only really need 2 files to make a valid theme, this will force you to do all the extras that make sure things work and function flexibly and correctly.

I’ve done this several times successfully. For a larger and more robust Q&A site for WordPress the WordPress Stack Exchange is excellent.

About Words

Why “ArtLung?”
Artist + Respiratory Therapist = ArtLung
But you do web stuff? Why leave in the word “lung” – you don’t practice that!
Yes, I am a web designer, web programmer, web developer. I do all these, none of them is complete. I do a lot of different things.
Shouldn’t you remove the “lung” from your nickname?

Fan Stuff

Where can I buy Voltes V Merchandise such as toys and videos?
Unfortunately there’s no reliable source other than eBay. If you hear of one, please let me know.

Joe’s Many Errors

Your site is broken, loser! I found a problem with your site! To whom do I complain?
Smorgasborg is misspelled! You messed up!
It’s on purpose and I prefer it. The correct spelling is Smörgåsbord. Nyeah.
Who does your hosting?
pair Networks, they’re located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. They’re great.

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