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Why are so many folks compelled by web3?

I think this describes it well, by Robin Rendle:

The future feels like it’s already owned by Google or Facebook or some other enormous corporate interest, so I can understand that impulse to create something new like web3 because of that.

Read the whole thing.

I suspect people–particularly younger people–see “just websites” created by individuals and can’t see a way for them to usurp the apps and huge social media silos that command the attention of people, media and Presidents. But ultimately those giant social media sites are “just websites.”

Usenet was supplanted, Friendster and MySpace and Google+ too. There’s nothing permanent about social media. They are made of people and people come and go.

And to be sure, even if all the dreams of “web3” come to pass, there’s nothing to make web3 permanent either.

Linkrot comes to us all, eventually.

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