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Own your newsletter

People talking about newsletters today this week.

I appreciated this:

Set up a way for your blog to slurp your new Substack posts (i.e. on WordPress you can use an RSS aggregator plugin to pull in your Substack RSS feed) so they’re automatically archived on your own domain.

That was from Have you “Moved to Substack?”.

Ultimately the thing a creator wants is to control over their own work. I know freelance reporters whose work was lost entirely as some company changed management or focus. You gotta own your own stuff. And using existing, tried and true tools to pull stuff into a website you control seems like the minimum for someone who lives by their words.

And MAS is talking newsletters today, too. Though he’s a bit critical of himself on his predictions. I don’t think anyone has a handle on what comes next. I’d have said nobody would ever want to watch someone play a videogame live, it still amazes me that that is considered entertainment.

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