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Quote of the Week

This post: Only Scale, from Dubious Quality (who I’ve been reading for a decade or more):

Morality is never rewarded in this country, only scale.

Just think about that for a moment. Is doing the right thing ever even discussed? Not really. How often do you see a CEO get rewarded for taking a moral stance on anything? Scale is rewarded, though, and massively. Just grow so big that you can crush everyone else, no matter how you do it, and you’ll get paid.


This is something I think about all the time. This is why despite being relatively successful in this country I can see the disparities and the way systems seem not to really be oriented to fairness, or justice, or truth. How those who are unfair, or unjust, or who lie can nonetheless prosper in the US (and the world).

It’s because that’s how the system is (mostly) set up.

For me, the disjoint came early. I worked in medicine as my first significant job: the “lung” in “artlung” is about my having worked as a Respiratory Therapist. I worked in intensive care units, and in ambulatory care, and long term care. How are you going to make a profit taking care of people? There’s no profit to be had in comforting the dying. So: nonprofit as a way to organize that enterprise makes perfect sense.

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