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This is why the robot collection has rules.

I have been a fan of Voltes V for 50 years.

And this here is exactly why I have rules for my collecting of toy robots.

This violates 2 of my rules. The first rule it violates is that none of my robots may cost more than US$100. So far I’ve done well with this. If there’s shipping or taxes that put a robot over that threshold it can pass. And I have a few very special robots which hit this limit. At over a thousand dollars, this violates that limit by an order of magnitude.

The other limit this absolutely gorgeous toy violates is that it is taller than 12 inches tall. I am in a small apartment and space is finite. And there are a lot of very nice toy robots which would overstuff my small apartment.

But it is BEAUTIFUL. I MEAN: LOOK AT IT: Super Electromagnetic Machine Voltes V Limited Edition Statue

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