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I’m over on Mastodon

For those few of you who also follow my Twitter account you may have noticed a severe drop off in my participation on that site. The overall quality of interaction there, along with the aggressively poor behavior of the owner has been enough of a prompt for me to step away from it to a good extent. I’m not deleting my account nor am I making a commitment never to post there again, I have learned a great deal, made friends, and enjoyed it in the past. But it seems as though a less centralized scheme is the future of sites like that, the “Fediverse” includes a piece of software called Mastodon, which implements a protocol called ActivityPub, which allows for a kind of service made of multiple services which run Mastodon. It’s similar to the way the internet is a “network of networks.” That all may seem slightly confusing but if you manage to get an account going you can follow me as — thanks and Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

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