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Shogun Warriors

When I was a kid my family unit lived in the Philippines for a time. It was there I was exposed to giant robots from Japan. This is why there are so very many photos of robots here.

I am fascinated by robots. Robots are machines who have “life” but are not “alive.” I often think about the difference between robot and human. People will mention a character for my collection I don’t have: like Robocop. Robocop is a cyborg. He’s a hybrid construction: of a living creature and technology. A Roomba–a vacuum that rolls around and you can guy buy at Target–is a robot. So is R2-D2 from Star Wars.

Giant robots are a kind of weird exception to the rule. I am working out in my head how they meet my criteria for inclusion. Giant robots–machinder–often have a pilot or group of pilots. They do not necessarily have “life” absent pilots. So why aren’t such robots, as featured in Robotech, Voltron, Pacific Rim disqualified? The first: I imprinted on them when I was a kid in the P.I. The second: These mammoth machines appear to be robots, and tower over human beings. Their size necessitate help from human beings to take action. They can’t save the planet without human piloting.

My family returned from overseas and we were in California for a time. The Shogun Warriors appeared as toys on the shelves, and as a comic. It makes me feel happy to see the original art for the cover of comic Shogun Warriors #1 be up for auction, and to have increasing bids. If it were not so high I’d definitely put in a bid.

Here’s a screenshot of the auction as it is right now:

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