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Commit Messages!

I just committed a pile of changes for this sites theme–named “Roanoke”–in the WordPress themes repository I keep — it’s private — on GitHub. I’ve been doing more atomic commits earlier in the week but as I’ve made more radical changes in the second half of this week I kept not being sure of those commits. Here’s the list of comments I made to the commit:

  1. standardizing on ul.resultset deprecating ul.roanoke-excerpt-list
  2. standard template element for search for all usages
  3. added foursquare checkins, styling and Roanoke::addFoursquareCheckins
  4. updated title text for tags
  5. paginated pages for tag, home blog page, search, category pages now infinite scroll automatically
  6. new classes for body related to open and closed search
  7. new container for
  8. remove old click-based ajax loading of paginated pages
  9. new tool to allow shifting resultset layout for tag pages
  10. new template for full screen and layout toggling
  11. deprecate roanoke tag item
  12. deprecate div.aggregate-content in favor of ul.resultset
  13. adding year-XXXX for alll listings which list posts
  14. altering displayed date to use year with gradient colors by year
  15. adding display of tag description on tag pages when available
  16. add root font-size for legacy template pages
  17. update padding for blog post title for single pages
  18. several media queries removed

Process-wise, I’m satisfied with this. But if I were working with others I’d be obliged to be a bit more atomic with my changes since the changes have been more radical. But since I’m the designer, ux researcher, front end engineer, back end programmer, and primary user I suppose I’ll let it slide.

It’s awful fun to program.

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