Slow going, but time for more commits on my custom theme

  • improved 404 page which shows search results for the attempted slug
  • deprecate roanoke-meta-brief, replace content with inclue of roanoke-meta
  • beginning work on an artlung gravatars class
  • move roanoke-meta into single
  • major rethink of roanoke-meta
  • add my photo to /links/ page
  • new .reversed class to sneak up on potential dark mode styling
  • many more deprecations of silly positioning and margins in favor of flex and grid! particularly in comments but everywhere
  • more removal of px measures in favor of rem where appropriate
  • removal of colors that are overdefined (use the cascade pal!)
  • full css rethink of roanoke-meta (in progress)
  • one more @media query removed
  • new variables added
  • use comment_text() to the the right values (with breaks and <p> tags)
  • new brand colors for a few new links
  • cleanup in RoanokeMerch
  • better dynamic resizing of the /links/ page with scss

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