My bodysurfing is improving. My internal monologue when riding waves sometimes results in commentary to myself like “not bad.”

This morning I made some git commits to the blog.

  • simplifying markup inside the footer
  • altering how the css for the footer works
  • adjustments to link page css
  • adjustments to search page language
  • stop using blog-resultset for individual blog post pages
  • new social-links
  • css fixes for regressions in shared code
  • added a star for webmention likes
  • updating math division to use calc() function
  • add fix for odd issue where clip-path items appeared over main sticky nav
  • add swim2024 to the list of supported fullscreen items
  • webmention and comment improvements
  • update how the colors class decides on what color to return
  • add spotify and bluesky to links page

It’s windy. And a bit rainy. And that’s not my favorite thing.

Ocean Beach Surfline Screenshot - 9-10ft and poor

Curious about the bear on the California flag? The sad saga of the bear said to be depicted on California’s state flag by Mike McPhate. I am a big fan of the bear and the flag.

I took some great nice yesterday.

Partly cloudy blue sky at a low tide ebb with reflections of the clouds in wet sand

Sunset over a roiling seashore with La Jolla in the background

Right before sunset with brilliant orange flare over the sand with tracks in it and a clear sky

Right after sunset over La Jolla with partly cloudy skies

I attended the IndieWeb Europe Zoom (evening for them, morning for my time zone) yesterday and had a good time. I had the notion that what the world needs a nonprofit Squarespace. Or WIX. Or LiveJournal. Or Tumblr or something. It’s a half-baked idea but perhaps I should try to bake it. If there’s no profit motive for a hosting provider perhaps the pernicious effects of monetization won’t destroy the experience. Of course, creating any hosting platform would require all the work of moderation and decisions about whomever you provide hosting services to and their conduct.

Thanks for reading. Have a great day.

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