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Tilde Club

It’s been 10 years since I signed up for an account on Tilde Club.

And it’s been 10 years since I added anything to my page at

Paul Ford was responsible for the idea initially. And now it’s a new set of folks responsible. And when I asked them to add my SSH key and reset my password they did so lickity split. Wonderful.

I’ve been a big fan of #indieweb for a while now. Own your stuff! Feel free to experiment! I suspect Tilde Club was one of the earliest “return to the smaller innocent web” projects I ever heard of. Amazingly, I never blogged about it here. I think I mentioned it on Twitter but don’t go visit that site. It stinks.

Today I updated the page.

I wrote a little bit about using HTML 2.0, which is how I created the page. An antique page deserves an antique HTML specification! And HTML validation.

I also joined the Tilde Club Webring. I didn’t add a guestbook but I was this close to doing that.

Fun facts about HTML 2.0 I re-learned today:

  1. No <ABBR> tag
  2. No BORDER attribute on <IMG>
  3. No client side image maps, so I rewrote the webring code as  a server-side image map. (in PHP)
  4. No TARGET attribute on an <A> tag.
  5. The HTML 2.0 spec refers to the idea of style sheets, and that you would link to them in <LINK> tag, but doesn’t describe anything about what a style sheet might look like. Adding a stylesheet worked fine, and still validates.

You don’t have to use HTML 2 to make a web page. In fact, I encourage you NOT to do that. HTML5 is great. So make a page! Learn some web development over on MDN today!

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