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XOXO Fest is coming back, 2024

I credit XOXO Fest back in 2019 with a great deal of revitalization of my soul and spirit. My divorce was not final. I was adrift. I was seeking meaning. And I found quite a bit of it in Portland. Smart and creative people making their way in the world and kicking ass.

At that event I attended my first IndieWeb thing, a IndieWeb / Mastodon meetup. Pretty sure that was 40 pounds heavier ago in the photo of me on that page. Oof.

Portland was a great place to visit, though. And rideshare bikes were still happening (I can’t do the scooters) and worked great for me to get around during the event to the various meetups around town.

I spoke with an acquaintance there who I hadn’t seen in 10+ years. That was cool. But his primary memory of the last time we had talked was me being a jerk. Our words and actions from decades ago rightly linger in peoples minds.

And the talks were great, too. Many have been posted online over the past years.

It’s coming back this year. Fresh new website too, just announced this morning. The website is a bit like a game: Click it!

And I see gRegor is quite happy to see they’re taking COVID seriously. He attended a different year from me, but it makes sense that he would have gone too, as he’s a great creative sensitive smart-type person. 😊

I don’t know if I’ll attend, or be able to attend this year.

Slots are traditionally limited.

But it’s fun to think about.

And remember.

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