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Make Greeting Cards! a nice email from my uncle

The backstory for this is that I used to make custom greeting cards. Some watercolor. Some customized blank cards. Christmas cards. Easter cards.

It turns out one of those cards played a part in my uncle’s 25th Anniversary.

As you likely know, I keep stuff forever in case I may need it which often becomes true. Anyways, I seemed to remember in my
stationery drawer some cards with pets and wildlife images and WITHOUT text already on the card.

Then I thumbed through them and I found this AWESOME card with tulips on the front– opened it up to make sure no text and
there was none– this card is PERFECT for what I need. Then out of curiosity, I turned the card to the back side. It read: “artlung”.
I put the card in my printer and printed out my message, and 25th Anniversary Valentine’s Day was complete!

I still don’t remember if you gave me the card to me personally, I recovered it from my mom’s drawers after she passed, or I just
really liked it and stole it from someone. Anyways, your creativity was a big deal in this case– so a quite belated Thank You is in order.

What a delightful email to get!

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