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Revamping Viridian Contest Entry pages

One of the earliest usages of my site was for small projects. One kind of project was participating in Viridian Design Contests. What were they?

The contests are were opportunities for graphic or conceptual creativity. Logos, posters, teapots, lamps, that sort of thing. We do this to amuse ourselves, and to give some coherent form to our ideas. Images and symbols are every bit as important to the Viridian Movement as our constant outflow of rants.

There’s a Viridian contest archive. You can see from this site that Viridian design entries are not necessarily professional-level efforts in postindustrial design. Rather, they’re a fun opportunity to show others that you not only “get it” == you have the strength and energy to give it back.

You enter a Viridian Design contest by placing your entry on a website, and sending the address to the moderator. The site must be up for the length of the contest. The winner of the contest receives a prize via snailmail. The prizes are modest: generally classy books and/or nifty gizmos.

I made those between 1999 and 2001. Revamped today.

Viridian was mostly a mailing list run by Bruce Sterling, a favorite writer of mine now and since the 1980s. And his regular thoughts on all things climate and design always made me think.

.See the entries.

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