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Musical Miscellany

Pulp’s Common People remains brilliant and mordant.

I’ve been listening to Elise Trouw’s Foo Fighters Meets 70’s Bobby Caldwell (Live Loop Mashup) on repeat for a while. It’s a peculiar kind of trance that taps into 70s easy listening.

I’ve also gone back and reacquired unpublished Lola Blanc pop music. Her work on Angry Too is brilliant. But when she was writing light pop she was as good as it gets. Recently acquired what are basically bootlegs using youtube-dl were Bad Tattoo, Like Beyoncé, Ooh La La (which she wrote for Britney Spears, though I prefer her version), and her cover of Ginuine’s Pony.

I’m not linking to any of those, they are not likely to be stable links. But check out her music. She’s also now a director of horror short films and a talented actress. She’s got a website at

I also ran across the band Scary Pockets which does funk covers with a variety of vocalists. Not challenging, but technically proficient and I feel happy listening to it.

American Boy with Stacey Ryan.

Dreams with Elise Trouw.

September with Stacey Ryan.

That’s it for now. What are you listening to lately?

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