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Feeling Tidbits

  1. I started a new contract last week. It’s great. It’s hard. I think I’m doing a good job.
  2. I’ve been getting random cramps in my thighs. In theory it’s because of my weight loss and I’m using them more. That’s my hope. There are potentially more ominous possibilities with any kind of body change but they seem unlikely.
  3. Watched 23 Walks, a movie about 2 60-something people who have a romance walking dogs. Because it’s about older people, it gets complicated. Lives are complicated. It was fairly deft but also weirdly believable. I can’t speak to the UK-specific aspects.
  4. I’ve not posted a robot in quite some time, I have a few to do. I won’t get to them for a while
  5. Tonight Kelly and I will go to the Cubs at Padres. We do this annually. I like a baseball game but no more than a few times a year.
  6. I participating in a great IndieWeb conversation about writing yesterday. I like thinking about writing. I write less than I think about writing. I’ve shifted that somewhat in the past 5 years but I would like to do more.
  7. Over the past 2 weeks I started playing Candy Crush again. Just as a diversion. I’d play, then delete the app and progress. Then a few days later reinstall. I have decided playing Candy Crush is likely a mildly negative mental health indicator. I can tell I’m avoiding something else if I’m playing it.
  8. Overall I feel good. That’s good.
  9. I started the day getting awesome mail–both paper and electronic–and now it’s time for coffee and work. Now I’m gonna get to work.

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