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Front End Study Hall

I’ve been attending great and inspirational IndieWeb events for several years now, have even helped co-organize a few. Sometimes CSS and HTML questions come up that seem to call for a deeper dive into those things and imply deeper questions. My idea for Front End Study Hall is an open hours / office hours type open format Zoom meeting.

Here’s my description for the first one, which will be held April 24, 2024:

If you’re a maven of markup or stylesheet superstar, or a newbie novice with nth-of-type, all are welcome to learn together at Front End Study Hall

The foundation of a flexible, good IndieWeb website is markup (the “M” in HTML!”) that doesn’t drive you batty to debug and CSS that works with it to have it look, sound, and interact how you want, whatever device or format the website is displayed on.

Front End Study Hall is an HTML + CSS focused group meeting to learn from each other about how to make code do what we want.

Even if we don’t know, or don’t have a quick fix or plan for what you’re trying to do with your markup and stylesheets, we can probably point you toward resources that can help.

Hosted by Joe Crawford

If it’s successful, expect more. If not, well, maybe not.

I’ve gotten so much from so many people over years to learn my trade on Usenet, mailing lists, forums, Stack Overflow, various Slacks, group chats and the like I am happy to attempt to give back to whomever might want to learn too.

Link: Front End Study Hall

Update: Front End Study Hall was a success! And the next one has been scheduled. Notes from this meeting are on the IndieWeb wiki. Thanks to everyone who was able to come to the Zoom! I had a blast!

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