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URLs remind me of train and bus schedules

Over on Mastodon, Steve Randy Waldman posted this which struck me as true:

the practice many browsers have adopted of truncating URLs in the address bar to the hostname is emblematic of the decline and commercially driven infantilization of the web.

understanding URLs — their roles and the ways and whys of how they are constructed — was an elementary skill of the original view-source web.

hiding complete URLs encourages people to become ignorant consumers of mysterious information services, rather than informed participants in a public forum.

I fully agree, and it reminded me of learning to read bus and train schedules as a kid:

In 8th grade in San Diego we had few days of a pseudo home-economics. Among the tasks was to learn to read and understand a bus schedule and a train schedule. This was in the 1980s and one needed to do these things manually. Reading the timetables and their legends and doing work to plan a trip on X day at Y time was complex. A URL address has–to me–analogous complexity. But useful for wayfinding. Essential even.

Steve blogs at

Go ahead and read a refresher on the parts of a url:

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