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On drawing for blog posts

Mandaris Moore wrote:

I don’t normally have an image because I’m not very confident in my drawings and the friction of creating it, resizing it, posting it, and then putting it on the post saps a little bit of the joy for a post that may only be a couple sentences long.

I agree with the friction part of posting images. There’s an additional layer of decisions that need to make when one makes a drawing–more code, alignment, sizing, placement. I’m reminded of the fact that Jeff Bridges has a website that’s all drawings and handwriting and how much I appreciated it. The handwriting indieweb wiki page mentions it.

Illustration can enrich the feeling of the written word. I made an illustration for my post of Bridges Don’t Float.

But as to “not very confident in my drawings” part–that seems to be absolutely every human person above the age of 6 or 7 years old. That seems to be about when we start being brutal in our critiques of others’ drawing. It’s absolutely useless.

Drawing is an essential communication tool. It’s like waving hello, having a conversation, typing a text message or writing an email. It’s a tool and worth doing. Whether it ought to be put up on a museum wall or demonstrate the fact that one has learned 3-D perspective or shading is not the issue–the issue is “what is being shared?”

EVERYONE DRAW! with a stick figure of a person at a drawing table, drawing
And so, I’ll draw for this post.

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