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Comment like you’re going to read it in 5 years.

April Wensel wrote, in her latest newsletter from Compassionate Coding:

Before you add an obscure cultural reference or quirky inside joke to code, though, I implore you to think of the poor developer who may be wading through your code a decade (or a few months) later.

I’m a fan of April‘s work. Her newsletter is worth a subscription.

For me, I try to write a comments so that I’ll understand it when coming to it fresh, five years away. Here’s a terse comment to myself for a function that seems like it’s overkill, but I left myself this message so I don’t footgun myself.

// this is also used in some content. remove at your own risk

Even when I don’t expect anyone else to work on a chunk of code, me in the future is a valuable team member I want to make sure is clued in.

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