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BO-HWC: Social Norms in the IndieWeb: upcoming event

Bonus Online Homebrew Website Club – Social Norms in the IndieWeb is an event this weekend organized by Sara Jakša. The description of the event includes:

Let’s have a meeting connecting to the social norms on the internet. Bring any topic connected to the social norms in the internet there. If you want to interact with other people on the internet or make connections, then this meetup is for you.

Some possible topics to discuss could be the good norms from other places, the deceptive patterns to avoid, what you would need to be more social in the IndieWeb context, social, personal or technical barriers to that, how social does one want to be, how does one decide how much, when and how to be social on the internet, personal protocols for that and so on.

Please bring up any other topics of under the umbrella of social norms in the IndieWeb as well. I know there were multiple great blog posts discussing this topic already 🙂 . Or you can come to just listen and vibe with other people as well.

I find the social aspects of the web fascinating overall. Comments, reblogging, blocking and banning, webmentions, video responses, remixing, are all fascinating parts of what was once referred to as the “blogosphere.” Having done this for decades I’ve seen bullying, spam, hate-sites but also genuine care, inspiration, friendship and love.

The internet is made of people! And I love thinking about it and hearing what other people think.

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