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  • Lego Yamato; USS Texas

    From JapanProbe we have this wonderful find: In the twilight months between living in the Philippines and moving to New Orleans, Channel 6 in San Diego showed Star Blazers. I found the notion of reviving a dead battleship for the purposes of traveling to space and defending Earth to be inspiring. I thought little that…

  • What is the proper function of libraries? Uncle Bobby’s Wedding

    Brilliantly explicated by a Librarian in response to community objections to a book called Uncle Bobby’s Wedding. That eloquent defense of this books and free thought is America to me. It makes me proud to have worked in a library when I was in my teens.

  • Unfit for Publication

    Lots of news about this jerk Jerome Corsi’s book these days. The rebuttal makes it clear that the book is idiotic. Excellent transparency, and fast response from the Obama campaign. Get the PDF of Unfit for Publication via this page on Time Magazine’s site.

  • William Gibson, Gravy, and a Video

    William Gibson: The Rolling Stone 40th Anniversary Interview : Rolling Stone I find myself less pessimistic than I sometimes imagine I should be. When I started to write science fiction, the intelligent and informed position on humanity’s future was that it wasn’t going to have one at all. We’ve forgotten that a whole lot of…

  • The Book Baton (Books of Importance To Me)

    1. Total Number of Books You Own Man. I’m not even sure. Before we moved I had many hundreds I think. We gave away to Goodwill many of our books. And how do I count graphic novels, of which I have many? Let’s say I have 200, plus minus. And since I’m married, do I…

  • Books for Web Folk (1999)

    People often ask me how I learned all these magic tricks. The answer is books, of course. The books that follow are the crucial books in my education in the ways of the World Wide Web. There are more books – but these are the desert island books. Web development: Teach Yourself Web Publishing with…

  • Bruce Sterling ArtLung Timeline

    1988: I attend a reading by William Gibson for Mona Lisa Overdrive. He recommends Bruce Sterling’s Islands In The Net as the work of a guy who “actually thinks about this stuff” [scene missing]… 1996: I mention with a laundry list 1998: I put him on my links page 1999: Viridian Couture Contest 1999: Heat…

  • A New Header

    There is a new header on the blog. I’m very proud of it. It contains aspects of the previous header, mentioned here. I’m holding a copy of William Gibson’s Pattern Recognition. That’s down in the Gaslamp at the trolley. I took some pictures of myself and then I got to play. It’s too late. I…

  • Here’s A Long Los Angeles Recap

    Phew. I had a great time in Los Angeles yesterday. I left at quarter of 9, and traffic started immediately. Luckily though, I was not late for the Web405 brunch at Du-Par’s. Excellent company and a lovely traditional breakfast (eggs over easy and turkey links). Good to see old colleagues and meet new friends too….