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  • Batmobile by Chris Greazel

    Absolutely WONDERFUL Batmobile design by Chris Greazel over on our New City Blog.

  • Reagan in a concept car.

    President Ronald Reagan (born February 6, 1911) driving the GM Citation IV concept in 1984. via New City, a blog my friend Chris and I co-curate.

  • Vertical Capital Letters

    After High School, I flailed. Which is to say I took classes at Mesa College without much of a focus. I enjoyed these classes. Drawing, History of Film, Psychology, Design, Architectural Drafting, Philosophy, Marketing, Broadcasting, Broadcast Studio Operations. This was in 1987-1988 — before we moved to Roanoke Virginia and I shifted my focus to…

  • nuevaciudad-tumblr-com

    Since September 2009 I, and my friend CPG have been posting photos and videos to New City: It’s been a great chance for me to try out Tumblr. I think it’s a great, focused tool. It’s blogging for people who are not interested in the blogosphere. It’s great for sharing images, and it can…

  • Chris and Pensacola

    (I explain the title of this entry at the end of the post–in case you were wondering) Yesterday I drove to Union Station to see my friend Chris Greazel. Chris I’ve known for over 20 years, ever since he was the artist and I was sort of the cartoonist at my high school. He’s still…

  • After Action Report: SIGGRAPH, Petersen Auto Museum, Chris, Canter’s

    Last night I went to the SIGGRAPH LA event at Petersen Auto Museum. It was a terrific event and there was much inspiration and food for thought. I met my friend Chris Greazel there. It’s always great to see Chris. Apparently a touch screen “minority report” type interface for visualizing accessories has increased sales of…

  • Greazel is Back

    My friend Chris Greazel, artist, illustrator, paint-job inventor, visual futurist, now has a space on the web again. Happy to help him put even a small sliver of his output on the web.

  • Chris!

    My buddy Chris Greazel is part of a newish venture called Antares Paint, and I’m so proud of the man. He’s seriously talented.

  • Phrase of the day:

    “Japanese Inbetweeners” [ This phrase was developed by Chris Greazel ]