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  • Oyez, Oyez, Oyez!
    Last night I saw this tweet: suebob: @QueenofSpain Is it “Here, here” or “Hear hear”? I really don’t know and have always wondered. I knew right off. One of my favorite things about having visited the Supreme Court was hearing that every session of the Court starts with this preamble: Oyez, Oyez, Oyez! All persons…

  • Untitled, Really
    There’s something archetypal about this image I really like. It may be that it triggers me to think of the term “flimsy skirt” — which makes me think of this post: Shoe PhotoShop — which used to get a fair number of referrers for that phrase. Of course, that was six years ago. I might…

  • This is sometimes how I feel
    Awesome but awkward. via

    Genius from The Weasel King. References They Live.

  • Donald has a Brewski
    And engages in wacky shenanigans, no doubt: via Cover Browser‘s Daily Cover Feed.
  • Latest Items That Made Me Laugh
    Mack Reed penned The Fastest Spider in Los Angeles, which charmed me and made me laugh. PCL Linkdump posted a link to a Simplicity Hammer Pants. Giggled at that one. File under “funny ’cause it’s true” — Sassy‘s Tips for New Dads. Also: Matthew Baldwin‘s Thought Crimes and Re: Cephalopod are both hilarious. Neil Kramer…

  • General Zod Never Fails
    …to add levity to my busy days. Learning lots, doing lots. Love that Zod!
  • Oh, the incredible miscellany of it all; Who I’m reading these days
    Yesterday I saw the new Indiana Jones movie with Jukebox JT and his wife, and the seeing and the talking after was fun, but the movie is not, uh, good. But I don’t want to talk about that. I’ve got a backlog of stuff to mention. Ready? Go! I used to work with Electromute, I…