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  • Suzy Wong (lyrics by Stew)

    William Holden is a soldier and Nixon will not send him home with every card game he gets older so when on leave he needs to roam don’t judge him by his desires the puppet wires are strong oh William Holden is a BART rider bound for Hong Kong or Seoul William Holden holds a…

  • Eno

    Brian Eno (from film for Roxy Music’s Re/Make Re/Model) This song is from 1972 and sounds new to me, perennially. Mostly because of Eno but the whole band together makes it work. I’ve written about this song before, in 1998’s Re-Make/Re-Model.

  • Stew & The Negro Problem: Curse

    New album releases this month! Warning: Explicit Lyrics

  • Fancy

    For some reason this video–Fancy by Reba McEntire–has stuck with me as a kitsch cheese masterpiece since I first saw it maybe 20 years ago. The song and I think the video too were released in 1990. It is over-the-top melodrama and until I looked it up, I had no idea it was a cover…

  • Fairytale of New York, selectively annotated.

    (bold items sung by Kirsty MacColl) (otherwise sung by Shane McGowan) (bold and red by both) (lyrics from On YouTube, a live version, and an incomplete version. It was Christmas Eve babe In the drunk tank An old man said to me “Won’t see another one” And then he sang a song The Rare…

  • Ave Maria, a favorite of my Mom

    Ave Maria was a favorite song of my Mom’s. It was played at her Wedding on June 15, 1968 at St. Rita’s Catholic Church in San Diego, California. And it was also played at her beautiful Memorial Mass on November 6, 2010 at Our Lady of Nazareth Catholic Church in Roanoke, Virginia. Below are both…

  • Brass in Pocket

    ’cause I gon’ make you see nobody else here no one like me I’m special (Special) so special (Special)

  • Malcolm McLaren is dead.

    Most famous for being a rock empresario. For the Sex Pistols. For Punk theory. For Bow Wow Wow. Dead at age 64. He could be a lot of fun. Here’s Buffalo Gals, 1983: I don’t remember this video, or the nudity, but the song sounds like the 1980s to me. I always liked the song….

  • Pre-Gaga Gaga.

    The first time I heard of Lady Gaga it was from Krisztianna. At the time I thought her fandom of Miss Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta was delusional or maybe even ironic. As it turns out, Lady Gaga actually has quite a lot going on for her. She’s worked hard, and for many years to create…

  • Just Got Lucky, by the JoBoxers: Lyrics

    Your technique it leaves me weak my heart knows it’s the beat I seek and I found it (just got lucky) oh yes I found it (just got lucky) I never worry that your love is fake I’m free and easy and I’m feeling jake ’cause I found it (just got lucky) oh boy I…