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These were our jams

These were my jams by adactio showed up in my usually neglected RSS reader. I have very fond memories of This is My Jam! What a great site. I considered their exit from service super classy, and said so at the time.

When I was first getting online at a place not at an “Internet Cafe” it was often in IRC channels dedicated to music and music trivia. When I was paying for an account it was AOL at first, and I enjoyed the music trivia chat rooms there. Music 100% unifies us.

Was it really 2021 back when I posted about a music wrap up from gRegor? Well, yes.

Music is fun to talk about. It’s fun to debate. And it’s fun to listen to.

And it’s a great joy to have the excuse to “try on” the tastes of other people.

I like it when others’ passions can get absorbed into my own.

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