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  • I bet you didn’t know Leahpeah had a podcast

    Started in 2007, two episodes so far. Here’s the raw RSS podcast feed, and here’s the iTunes Preview Page, and here’s the equivalent Zune page. I think the Leahpeah Podcast is due for a new episode. Tech background: I used mp3feed.php as the core of this podcast script. The Making a Podcast documentation from Apple…

  • Bloomberg on the Economy with Tom Keene Podcast: Paid Subscription

    Bloomberg On the Economy with Tom Keene went to paid subscription only on their podcast. Suddenly in my iTunes all their podcasts are all under 10 minutes in length and exhort the listener to subscribe to get the whole show. I’ve been listening for what seems like 2 years and enjoyed many of their guests….

  • Seen and listened to

    Seen on my way to work today On back of a horse carrier: CAUTION SHOW HORSES Why the need to say “show” about the horses. Am I less likely to be cautious for regular horses? Messily spraypainted on a sign on an overpass: Ron Paul – The Next Thomas Jefferson” Listened to on my way…

  • Play Misc-y for Me

    I’ve been reading and listening to lots about animation, and one of the more fun things has been Spline Cast, a podcast about 3-D animation. My favorite podcast right now is Dave Ramsey’s 1 hour version of his show. Don’t bother with the 3-hour version, it’s not really free. My previous favorite podcast is Harry…

  • The Information Age: longer than you thought.

    Alex Wright, The Deep History of the Information Age Download the audio to this talk at the Long Now Seminars page.