Bloomberg on the Economy with Tom Keene Podcast: Paid Subscription

Bloomberg On the Economy with Tom Keene went to paid subscription only on their podcast. Suddenly in my iTunes all their podcasts are all under 10 minutes in length and exhort the listener to subscribe to get the whole show. I’ve been listening for what seems like 2 years and enjoyed many of their guests. Good inside-baseball discussion of economics.

Twitter is great for finding like-minded people, and sure enough a quick search for “bloomberg podcast” yields other listeners also affected by this change:

  • artlung: Bloomberg On the Economy with Tom Keene went to paid subscription only on their podcast. Disappointing.
  • brentaustin: Very disappointed to see that the Bloomberg on the Economy podcast has gone subscription only. It was one of my favorite finance/econ pdcsts
  • justgregit: really upset that bloomberg on the economy podcast now costs $100. I’m going to cry. @tomkeene_
  • jackoatmon: Awwwwww maaaannnn. Bloomberg started charging for the Tom Keene podcast. Blast!
  • alyshabrady: Payment required for the Bloomberg on the Economy podcast? Despicable.

I understand Bloomberg has to make money. I’m disappointed especially because there was no warning. Just all of a sudden the podcast was not the whole podcast. They did run ads, but I guess those didn’t make enough money to sustain the thing.

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I agree. Doesn’t Bloomberg make enough on those $1000+ dashboard subscriptions? I mean, I can understand that times are tight, and many online content providers (WSJ and NYT) are going this way, but really, couldn’t they just sell ad space on the podcast like the WSJ This Morning does? Very disappointing.

I agree, this was absolutely my favorite podcast. I even considered subscribing. however, I emailed them asking a little more about the content, avg. length, etc. and since it was a subscription, were they going to keep to a published schedule. I never got a response, I bagged it.

Now it’s just Marketplace and This week in Computer Hardware. 🙁

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