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324 ArtLung posts from 2001

Monday 19 Feb 2001
It occurs to me…
an observation:
Tuesday 20 Feb 2001
Feeling really tired.
Thursday 22 Feb 2001
I admit it. I watch Television.
Friday 23 Feb 2001
Made some changes to the site.
Sunday 25 Feb 2001
I really wish that Frank Zappa were not dead.
Wednesday 28 Feb 2001
No one can write decently who…
Although I’m…
Monday 05 Mar 2001
New Header.
Wednesday 07 Mar 2001
Tomorrow I fly to Austin, Texas
Friday 09 Mar 2001
Bimbette Trio
Monday 19 Mar 2001
I had a great time at SXSW
Tuesday 20 Mar 2001
Another late night following my bliss.
Wednesday 21 Mar 2001
Coolest message I got on my birthday
Thursday 22 Mar 2001
another shooting in my town.
Friday 23 Mar 2001
More and more I find myself in a role of elder statesmen.
Sunday 25 Mar 2001
Continuing the overreaction to thoughtcrime:
Wednesday 28 Mar 2001
I’ve been a “bachelor” for the last few days…
From the “I forgot to mention it department”
Thursday 29 Mar 2001
Inspired from a posting to DigitalEve SanDiego…
Friday 30 Mar 2001
The very talented Deb Shadovitz
Saturday 31 Mar 2001
Rosie O’Donnell On Math.
Monday 02 Apr 2001
Current listening material:
I have lots of JavaScript experience.
Tuesday 03 Apr 2001
The quote in the new header is from Confucius.
Thursday 05 Apr 2001
It’s the little things in life that have greatness..
Sunday 08 Apr 2001
Free as Air, Free as Water, Free as Knowledge:
Monday 09 Apr 2001
Yup, the script still runs.
Wednesday 11 Apr 2001
I think the fact
How wonderful it is to have worked with cool people:
Thursday 12 Apr 2001
Go Christina!
The weather here in San Diego today is lovely.
From The Memory Lane Dept
Friday 13 Apr 2001
Another header. And old ones here.
Saturday 14 Apr 2001
The Fresh Air radio show from Tuesday
The PHP AutoMagic Gallery Listing
Tuesday 17 Apr 2001
Another reason why I idolize William Gibson:
Wednesday 18 Apr 2001
Our taxes were done for the 16th.
Sunday 22 Apr 2001
So tonight Jenny and I are watching TV.
Wednesday 25 Apr 2001
Keeping a journal is a responsibility
Voltes V Paper Models by John Paras
Thursday 26 Apr 2001
EduPoint – a former employer, goes bust.
Friday 27 Apr 2001
Another story on the folding of EduPoint
Monday 07 May 2001
Yikes! More than a week since I’ve posted anything.
Tuesday 08 May 2001
And now, something beachy in the header!
I enjoy good weather
Friday 11 May 2001
A small mention of me
Sunday 13 May 2001
I have an irrational affinity for Christina Aguilera.
Wednesday 16 May 2001
Rudy Limeback, a fellow I think very highly of
New stuff for the lab!
Thursday 17 May 2001
Another addition to the lab:
Monday 21 May 2001
The other day I watched Stop Making Sense
I’m a comics fan – and I keep meaning to explore these links.
Tuesday 22 May 2001
Thought for the day:
New lab item!
Saturday 26 May 2001
There is no undo for rm * in unix.
Monday 28 May 2001
A lovely Memorial day here in the States
Saturday 02 Jun 2001
July, 1997
Sunday 03 Jun 2001
Today I have realized…
Saturday 09 Jun 2001
Zappaism: AAAFNRAA
One week to the Bonfire! …
Sunday 10 Jun 2001
Many people know me only via email.
Monday 11 Jun 2001
Q: What is AAAFNRAA?
Tuesday 12 Jun 2001
I got a postcard from RT Temps
Wednesday 13 Jun 2001
Controversy du jour:
Thursday 14 Jun 2001
50 Bonfire.2001! RSVPs
What blogs / journals do I try to check regularly?
Saturday 16 Jun 2001
Bonfire. Great. Me tired.
Sunday 17 Jun 2001
Today, Jennifer graduates with a Bachelor’s Degree.
Wednesday 20 Jun 2001
Yesterday I took the bus home.
Always give your best
Thursday 21 Jun 2001
I’m mortified.
Saturday 23 Jun 2001
This past Tuesday I was quoted in the newspaper.
Here’s the URL of the story.
Sunday 24 Jun 2001
A new header was posted.
Saturday 30 Jun 2001
Another new header for the website.
My car is now fixed, for certain a mixed blessing.
Sunday 01 Jul 2001
Doing some spring cleaning today on the office…
Tuesday 03 Jul 2001
Also available in Manga format (4 volumes): The Empire Strikes Back: Star Wars Episode V…
Return of the Jedi is also available in Manga
Wednesday 04 Jul 2001
For Independence Day!
Saturday 07 Jul 2001
The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3
Sunday 08 Jul 2001
I’m selling some things on ebay…
I’ve been doing even more spring cleaning this weekend…
Monday 09 Jul 2001 happy hour #8 in a week!
Wednesday 11 Jul 2001
New item for The Lab:
Saturday 14 Jul 2001
I saw Jerry Hirshberg speak…
Beach party!
Sunday 15 Jul 2001
AuctionMart seems to be an excellent application of the internet to an old problem…
Monday 16 Jul 2001
Happy Hour #8 is totally tonight…
New gizmo – put it up on my members…
Wednesday 18 Jul 2001
Will will be playing at Lestats Coffeehouse
Thursday 19 Jul 2001
This is my favorite search today:
Friday 20 Jul 2001
Lab time again!
My goatee is getting long…
Saturday 21 Jul 2001
Last night as I was making my way from work to my car…
Sunday 22 Jul 2001
Comic-Con is pretty cool so far…
Wednesday 25 Jul 2001
Will played last night at LeStats in Normal Heights…
Yep, Lab time.
I’m reading Watchmen again.
linklint is one of a very few perfect
Friday 27 Jul 2001
I picked something else up at Comic-Con.
Great essay on why Dmitry Skylarov should be released.
Monday 30 Jul 2001
Something very neat…
Some men see things the way they are…
Folks of the moment:
Tuesday 31 Jul 2001
I like this…
Thursday 02 Aug 2001
Jenny and I will be moving! Just an FYI…
I now have a list of links – not all blogs – on my blog archive page…
Friday 03 Aug 2001
If ever there was an example of the problem with Dead Media
Sunday 05 Aug 2001
Initially this site had a search powered by a script from Matt’s Script Archive…
Over at markmartin…
Monday 06 Aug 2001
Lab time! Why the form action mailto: stinks…
288 Days until US Release of Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones…
Wednesday 08 Aug 2001
We’re playing with the software from summary…
Thursday 09 Aug 2001
Can’t stop listening to The Mothers of Invention’s Oh No Some lyrics:
Sunday 12 Aug 2001
I think Jenny and I missed The Perseids…
Friday 17 Aug 2001
Back online at our new home – using Cox@Home now and not RoadRunner…
We are nearly settled, and almost done moving…
Censorship in action:
Sunday 19 Aug 2001
Recent thought:
Monday 20 Aug 2001
I put this in the lab because I don’t know where else to put it …
The Onion – brilliant satire – sometimes gets serious…
Comparative Anatomy for Server Side Scripting
Thursday 23 Aug 2001
Up too late again
Friday 24 Aug 2001
New header for the main artlung…
Saturday 25 Aug 2001
I wrote this to web405 in response to a thread…
Made an acquisition today …
Is there an equivalent word to anglophilia for people who love Los Angeles?
Tuesday 28 Aug 2001
My wife has an online diary! voz37…
Friday 31 Aug 2001
Question from Dori.
Now I have a reason to watch the Latin Grammys!
Sunday 02 Sep 2001
Phrase of the day:
After moving, you end up throwing a lot of stuff away…
While situating the new computer room
Monday 03 Sep 2001
New Lab item…
I’ve had these Star Wars Songbook songs on my site …
Wednesday 05 Sep 2001
Yesterday was my Paternal Grandfather’s birthday…
David McLean of evolt…
Monday 10 Sep 2001
Great busy weekend…
Watched parts 1 and 2 of Band of Brothers
Additionally, my mother is in town from Virginia…
Tuesday 11 Sep 2001
Shocking attack this morning in New York and Washington D…
Wednesday 12 Sep 2001
24 hours on and there’s still no return to normalcy…
Thursday 13 Sep 2001
Ben Curtis has posted a great debunking message
“They that can give up essential liberty…”
Why I still love Legos:
Know what the Reichstag Fire is? You should…
Friday 14 Sep 2001
The original culture jammer: Frank Zappa
Monday 17 Sep 2001
Over the weekend I added a new header…
Played racquetball over the weekend…
You Are Being Lied To, from Kynn
Tuesday 18 Sep 2001
Kyle Baker’s “Letitia Lerner, Superman’s Babysitter”
Quote from another panel from Comic-Con 2000
An effort to standardize the methods for comics grading: ComicGrader…
Blade Runner
Quote from a Digital Coast 2000 panel on Venture Funding
Quote from Mark Cuban @ DC2000
Another quote from DC2000
Thursday 20 Sep 2001
Any worthwhile thought I’ve had about web applications…
If the intelligence services of the USA were so surprised…
Amazing …
Monday 24 Sep 2001
What a lovely weekend…
Lyric of the day:
I did some editing on wikipedia – in the Health Sciences section…
Tuesday 25 Sep 2001
Brilliance from the onion…
Friday 28 Sep 2001
The web accessibility angle on current events and the media…
So I finally bought some new shoes
Last night I watched the premiere episode of Enterprise
Saturday 29 Sep 2001
Court configuration of Racquetball, from the Official Rules from the USRA…
Sunday 30 Sep 2001
I hate advertising…
Especially Nina Brosh…
Monday 01 Oct 2001
Use Cases
Tuesday 02 Oct 2001
Guide to logical fallacies
New Header! Old ones here…
Wednesday 03 Oct 2001
Friday 05 Oct 2001
About the W3C’s New Patent Policy which is getting so much attention these days…
Quite a good article by none other than Jenny!
Sunday 07 Oct 2001
CNN has the news that Allied Forces are attacking Afghanistan…
Monday 08 Oct 2001
(From the “I wish this was not on my mind” department)
Thursday 11 Oct 2001
My comments on the W3C Patent Policy…
Forever war…
Great lunch at Todai with a bunch of WebSanDiegans…
Friday 12 Oct 2001
Quote of the Day
Saturday 13 Oct 2001
New header
Sunday 14 Oct 2001
I’ve aggregated the bebe advertisements I referred to a few weeks back…
Quote of the Day
Monday 15 Oct 2001
What now? Some possible answers from Bruce Sterling and others…
Tuesday 16 Oct 2001
Dissent and discussion make us great…
Old Dave Lettermanism:
US Leaflets need better design via rini…
Gatos Roboticos!
Wednesday 17 Oct 2001
In an information war, media can be a partial ally…
Thursday 18 Oct 2001
Song on the brain:
Friday 19 Oct 2001
Updated the sidebar list’o-links on the main blog page…
I made updates to the biography last night…
Mark Martin makes me laugh…
Sunday 21 Oct 2001
This is a great post to metafilter on CBS Mystery Theatre…
Monday 22 Oct 2001
Hey, I used to work with that guy: Devin! Punk rocker (and shhh…
Tuesday 23 Oct 2001
Too many thoughts right now…
Howard Finster died…
I was right, my skills as an RT may be necessary…
Wednesday 24 Oct 2001
Thought of the Day:
Thursday 25 Oct 2001
The surprise for me was the new New Order record …
Friday 26 Oct 2001
Is this America?
Messing about with a scheme to navigate the headers…
Monday 29 Oct 2001
I am dismayed that this hopeful post was somewhat unfounded…
Four excellent bookstores I miss from when I lived in Los Angeles:
Tuesday 30 Oct 2001
Weapon of choice is a great video
Wednesday 31 Oct 2001
It’s Halloween…
Friday 02 Nov 2001
Time to get creative about dealing with popunders?
From the land of Microsoft:
Song of the Day:
Quote of the Day:
Saturday 03 Nov 2001
Quote of the Day:
Monday 05 Nov 2001
Eat my eclecticism:
Note to self:
Installled MacOS X on our iBook this weekend…
Wednesday 07 Nov 2001
Still fooling with OSX…
The Creative Priority is my current side reading…
Saturday 10 Nov 2001
Item in the New York Times: As U…
Monday 12 Nov 2001
I have 96 megabytes of memory in my Apple PowerMac 8500 …
Tuesday 13 Nov 2001
This cartoon on Salon sums up image problem of the USA…
Wednesday 14 Nov 2001
New header for the home page and the blog…
Having OS X on a box here means…
Thursday 15 Nov 2001
Quote of the day:
Sunday 18 Nov 2001
webdesign-l is a wonderful list, and has a great diversity of web literati on it…
Monday 19 Nov 2001
Kynn is looking for work…
How the lie about what Clinton said spread
Tuesday 20 Nov 2001
Zoe Mozert is so cool…
Wednesday 21 Nov 2001
More evidence of the role propaganda has played in building and fostering terrorist groups…
Friday 23 Nov 2001
Couldn’t have said it better myself
From the News I Would Not Have Expected
Jack Cole and Plastic Man
The most powerful image in Heroes a tribute and benefit
Tuesday 27 Nov 2001
Bruce Sterling is blogging! Super-duper-cool!
Tori Duff’s online class How To Write A Killer Business Plan looks really cool…
Latin mass in San Diego…
Is it good, or bad to be the number 3 most highly rated link for a search of batman fetish on google?
I can’t believe how therapuetic it is to listen to Frank Zappa right now…
a new header! …
Wednesday 28 Nov 2001
I’ve got Bruce Sterling on the Brain …
Thursday 29 Nov 2001
seen in an email posting: Shalom, Salaam, Peace (nice combo platter)
Let’s all play Spot the Mac on microsoft…
I’m in love with this girl…
This picture captures the spirit of my workplace pretty well…
Frank and David: I love those guys…
Friday 30 Nov 2001
Folks out of work in tech here in San Diego…
Saturday 01 Dec 2001
Another steller morning playing racquetball…
words for the day:
Sunday 02 Dec 2001
Jennifer is justifiably terrified of Robo Baby…
This book looks important and after even just a few pages…
Monday 03 Dec 2001
Bruce Sterling with a brilliant speech on Geeks and Spooks
On siliconvalley…
Tuesday 04 Dec 2001
A petition to get Cold Fusion ported to MacOS X…
Wednesday 05 Dec 2001
thesis | antithesis
ArtLung Urban Sprawl!
Thursday 06 Dec 2001
I’ve been running Painter 3 since 1996…
I blogged about an image…
Friday 07 Dec 2001
Saturday 08 Dec 2001
I’m sick…
Sunday 09 Dec 2001
a tip from this month’s printed version of Macworld:
Something on the Anthrax Investigation from the Baltimore Sun:
Monday 10 Dec 2001
I used to love making mix tapes…
I hate being sick…
A nice piece by Charles Platt from September: The Enduring Power of Stupidity
More from September…
From October: Spice Girls: Exactly the Reason Why Bin Laden Hates the West
Fun fact: Email is 30 years old
rudy turned me on to this dispatch from Craig Saila…
Tuesday 11 Dec 2001
A native version of the AOL client for Mac OS X has been released…
Incidentally – still coughing – nose running – miserable sick…
This appears to be my earliest usenet post…
Wednesday 12 Dec 2001
Other old stuff from Google Groups:
Shirley E…
Thursday 13 Dec 2001
A nice article from Digital Divide Network:
Whither WaSP?
Saturday 15 Dec 2001
New Words: I am a Frank Zappa Fan…
Sunday 16 Dec 2001
New Lab Items:
Charles points to an article where asking for stamps without flags…
Stray Thought:
I got a really interesting email…
Monday 17 Dec 2001
This made me laugh, despite my better judgement:
I dig getting feedback like this: someone called “steve” said:
more new lab items: onunload + window…
Tuesday 18 Dec 2001
I bought a lovely Christmas Tree on the way home from work today…
Wednesday 19 Dec 2001
Dylan Foley has thorough considerations of the Web Standards Project…
Damn Hard, But Damn Fair Questions Are In Order
View From The Heart is an impressive blog…
From O’ReillyNet: A Primer for Accessible Web Pages…
Thursday 20 Dec 2001
In case you came here looking for a reference to netflix based on this…
Friday 21 Dec 2001
Yo! about this …
Saturday 22 Dec 2001
Quote of the Day:
Sunday 23 Dec 2001
Some MacOSX Links of Note for Web Geeks
I picked up the first of three of the Dark Knight Strikes Again
Monday 24 Dec 2001
Presents and Treesville
Tuesday 25 Dec 2001
¡Qué horror!
I like this line very much…
Great interview with Elinor Burkett
Wednesday 26 Dec 2001
I want it on the record that I won
Played Cutthroat with two of my aunts tonight…
Thursday 27 Dec 2001
If you’re a geek…
I have added a colophon to the site…
New lab item: Batch File Rename By File Extension in Unix…
More reorganizations taking place…
Friday 28 Dec 2001
Mini Brain Dump!
inspired by a discussion on the WebSanDiego…
I added a Netscape 6 Sidebar to the blog…
Thanks to mathowie over on the 405 now I have similar functionality…
Saturday 29 Dec 2001
Goliath is a neat free webdav client for Macintosh…
Sunday 30 Dec 2001
I don’t like Year-In-Review
How not to fight noxious memes:
Hey San Diegans!
Related to Christmas Trees…