August, 2001:North Park, San Diego, CA, USA  ... AAAFNRAA. We love moving!

My wife has an online diary! voz37… 2001 Aug 28

My wife has an online diary! is the address. Somehow, despite being married to me, she has show little serious interest in blogging or keeping a diary – but I think she may be hooked after seeing and enjoying other peoples’ journals.

Also, after having had no interest in anything to do with code for several years, now she’s asking me things like “so how do I make the links blue.” And of course I answer that I can think of at least 4 ways to make a link blue. I will try to limit my comments as she is learning to clear and concise, and not go on ranty raves about how she should assure to markup structurally, and style with css. If I can keep my trap shut our marriage should survive her foray into HTML just fine.

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