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Something slightly patriotic for September 2001.

Especially Nina Brosh…

Especially Nina Brosh. These Nina Brosh photos sort of remind me of Blade Runner – evoking early 20th Century, but also spun in a peculiar, futuristic manner.

Blade Runner is supposedly set in Los Angeles, 2019

So how close are we to the bleak world of Blade Runner?

We’re in a dystopia already. Just not the one in Blade Runner.

I hate advertising…

I hate advertising. One exception are the bus stop posters and magazine ads from bebe. They have a wonderful sense of style. They are featured at bebe advertisements. This site only has a small slice of the advertisements. Perhaps bebe should do a book, or at least show these wonderful ads off on their website.

Which ones do I like in particular? Well, how about these three which feature Adriana Lima, Nina Brosh, and Alice Dodd.

Last night I watched the premiere episode of Enterprise

Last night I watched the premiere episode of Enterprise – the new series based on the Trek franchise. I’m a fan, and I dug it. My friend Chris and I used to discuss at length things like how warp drive works, and the history of the Trek universe. Chris had a book which was published in the early-to-mid 80’s called something like A History of the Future which detailed all this history of the trek universe. Star Trek First Contact handled this early history nicely. I like where this latest series puts us – essentially halfway between now, and the initial Trek series. Whoa. Check this timeline out.

So I finally bought some new shoes

So I finally bought some new shoes — athletic shoes (though I’m not athletic) aka tennis shoes (though I play no tennis). They’re comfortable. For some reason I’m incapable of buying anything but all white athletic shoes. I look at the colors and they look silly to me. So I went to the local Just for Feet (who apparently own, made my choice, got in, got out. My bias towards zapatos blancos probably comes out of my medical background – for clinical in Respiratory Therapy school they demanded we have all-white shoes. More professional, I suppose.

The web accessibility angle on current events and the media…

The web accessibility angle on current events and the media. Some nice quotes from Mr. Kynn as well.

Brilliance from the onion…

Brilliance from the onion. Laughter is important, even when everything seems to be serious.

I did some editing on wikipedia – in the Health Sciences section…

I did some editing on wikipedia – in the Health Sciences section. I added Respiratory Therapy. My handle there is artlung, of course. The concept of an Open Encyclopedia is pure egalitarian academian utopia, it just might work. It even manages to self-correct. More about it on It’s a wonderful example of open source in action.

What a lovely weekend…

What a lovely weekend. I’m really liking this playing racquetball thing. And Sunday was a small get together with some friends which rocked hard. We watched “Tin Toy” and “Raising Arizona” — and Jenny put together an amazing spread. Nice to get our minds around something lite and less heavy for a change. The new apartment is small, but it fits a medium size party pretty well. Looks like it would be hard to have a big blow-out type party.

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