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It’s Halloween…

I used to really love Halloween. I used to love dressing up in costume. But these days I find I’d just rather be me. I suppose that’s a function of narcissism – why be someone else when being yourself is so great! Perhaps that’s not it. Maybe I’m just a grown up.

I’m 31 years old and have worn many costumes. In the past I have donned the following costumes: Pirate ’77ish, Homemade Spaceman ’79ish, Hare Krishna ’86ish, Hip Devil ’84, Pseudo-Frankenstein ’85ish, The Joker ’91 (I won a prize for that one, green hair, red lips, white face, great costume), Mime ’01 (for a costume party this year), Batman ’76ish (2 ways – I used to have capes my Grandmother made for me of Batman and Superman, which I would wear when I played – I still have a Batman fetish), Bunny ’73-4ish (if I remember the family photos right), Jesus ’97ish (I had long hair – for a H’ween costume party – you might also call that “Chubby Jesus”).

On looking at that rough accounting of what I have been — maybe I’m just tired of finding solutions to the costume problem?

Every year Jenny harps on me to find out what I’m going to be this year, and every year I get sick of her asking, and find the question silly.

I think if I could figure out why I have such trouble figuring out a costume every year I could figure out my procrastination and completion issues. Maybe next year. Heh.

Weapon of choice is a great video

Weapon of choice is a great video, but I kinda wish people knew that Bootsy Collins did the vocals. Maybe there will be a special edition and Bootsy can fly around a bit.

Four excellent bookstores I miss from when I lived in Los Angeles:

Hennessey + Ingalls a wonderful Architectural and Art bookstore on the Santa Monica Promenade; Opamp Technical Books – killer technical book selection located in dingy and wonderful Hollywood; Book Soup – nice general interest bookstore on Sunset Boulevard; Midnight Special Bookstore – cool indie bookstore, great selection, on the Santa Monica Promenade.

Some of these stores also allow you to buy online.

(Forgive me this nostalgic moment)

I am dismayed that this hopeful post was somewhat unfounded…

I am dismayed that this hopeful post was somewhat unfounded. I was hopeful to see the US engaging in a smart PR/information war in the middle east is not succeeding as we might hope.

I wish we were playing our cards better. We suffered a calamitous and vicious attack, at the hands of people who truly seek to take over a huge slice of the world – and we end up characterized as lunkheaded baby-killers.

These times demand a higher standard of conduct for us. I think it’s possible to decimate our enemies, re-orient who our friends are, and rejoin the community of nations in a serious way (i.e.: acknowledge the World Court, pay our UN dues, etc). But we’re screwing up our opportunity to do so.

Meanwhile, the American people are distracted by anthrax.

Messing about with a scheme to navigate the headers…

Messing about with a scheme to navigate the headers. Edging towards bits of dhtml in scattered locations. The HTML validates, too. But not the CSS.

The surprise for me was the new New Order record …

The surprise for me was the new New Order record — Get Ready — listened to it at work and it’s nifty! Bit of a time warp to have a new NO record. Their best song is Turn The Heater On – a hauntingly beautiful song in a vast repetoire of haunting and beautiful work.

And I’m not even talking about the incomparable depths of beautiful despair that is – Joy Division.

Thought of the Day:

Thought of the Day:

“When Mohammed Ali, the boxing champ, visited the attack site at the World Trade Center, a reporter asked him, ‘How do you feel about the suspected hijackers sharing your faith?'” Yee noted. Ali answered, “How do you feel about Hitler sharing yours?”

Source: Seattle Post-Intelligencer

I was right, my skills as an RT may be necessary…

I was right, my skills as an RT may be necessary…

From the AARC:

Biological and Chemical Attacks Resources for Respiratory Therapists:
>Dr. William Bernhard Says RTs Will Play Critical Role in Case of a Bio or Chemical Attack
>Hazmat Expert Advises Fellow RTs on Disaster Readiness
>RT Departments Get Ready for the Worst
>RT Expert Provides Basic Advice on Handling Biological, Chemical Attacks

Looks like I have some studying to do. I think I’ll hook up with my local DMAT and see what I can do. Sort of like joining the reserves. The hope I have is that I’ll never have to <voice style=”Chris Tucker”>ever ever ever</voice> use my skills again, but the world may not leave me much choice. I must do what I am able.

Howard Finster died…

Howard Finster died. A truly interesting character responsible for some great work – for me, as a Talking Heads fan, most notably cover art for Little Creatures and the singles associated with Little Creatures.

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