April 2003 - Belmont Park - Mission Beach

News of the Day2003May08

Bacon burrito for breakfast.
Tiger’s Milk Bar and a Banana for lunch.
Filed for Divorce from Jennifer, with Jennifer.
Got a filling in my tooth.
Took ibuprofen.
Leah bought me a wallet!
I felt strange about it.
I’m cool now.
Shared a crêpe with Leah.
Veggies and Hummus from a farmer’s market for dinner.
Fascinating to observe my feelings and emotions about everything.
There’s always something to learn.
Watched Friends with Leah.
Tried the Apple Music Store. Bought a Zappa cover (Sofa No. 1) by Michael Hedges, then If I Had No Loot by Tony!Toni!Toné!
I am impressed by what they did with it. It was a good day.

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