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Married & Moving & Seeking Employment: January 2005

The Tsunami

The incredible tsunami last week is something I’ve not mentioned at all so far. It’s an astonishing event by any measure.

Oso wrote several posts about it for San Diego Blog. On the videos thread I found a link to the excellent wikipedia article to catch me up to speed, as I’ve been busy with other things.

My heart goes out to those affected by the disaster. If you can, here’s a list of places you can help.

Let’s Look Back At The Audio Posts For the Last Week and a Half

The Test Post

12/21/2004 09:21:06 AM

Joe: Today is the day. Ladies and gentlemen, this a test audio post of Joe Crawford, who will be getting married in Las Vegas today. Thank you for listening. Bye-bye.

Counting The Bugs with Tony

12/21/2004 04:36:42 PM

Hi there. This is Joe again–driving through the San Bernardino Mountains with young Tony Peterson (Tony: woo) by my side. The Bug tally so far is I have 17 (Tony: yeah) and you got 20? No, you got 29 (Tony: 29 yeah). So we’re spotting the Bucks and we’re about an hour from Barstow and about maybe two and a half hours from Las Vegas.

Not quite sure. There’s been a lot of traffic. So we’re not married yet. However, we are en route, my friend. It’s been a lovely drive.

Except for the traffic. San Bernardino Mountains are snow capped right now. Quite lovely. Lot of cars on the road. A lot of cars on the road.

I’m guessing that this is like the busy week to travel. But then again, I think it’s all update on the blog–no–on the Bug tally. That’s 16 — no 17 for Joe. (Tony: I think it’s 19)

Is it 19? Yeah, well, you never know. So it’s 19 to 2019 to 30. He’s still eleven ahead of me, but I got a later start, so I don’t feel too bad about it anyway. So not married yet.

There will be another audio post before we get married. I’m going to guess sometime in the 8 o’clock Pacific Time Zone, I will be married once again. Leah is in the other car with the other three kids. They have stopped to get to use the facilities and that’s it. Signing off for now.

Thanks. Bye.

Before Vegas

12/21/2004 08:25:02 PM

Yes, we are in Clark County. We are in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the corner of Carson and Third Street. We have acquired the license. First thing we’re going to do is because we’re tired. It’s longer than we thought I was going to be arriving. So we’re going to get a room–rooms for us and the kids. And then we’re going to go to a Chapel. So probably in another hour ish we’re going to be getting married. That’s it short and sweet. Later.

We Have The License

12/21/2004 10:17:50 PM

I am standing in wedding Chapel with Leah and Devin, Tyler, Alexandra, and Tony, and we are waiting for our turn to get married. We should be married in about 20 minutes.

Giddy & Married

12/21/2004 10:53:45 PM

Joe and Leah: We we Leah and Joe.

Leah: Yes.

Joe: Are now married.

Leah: Yes.

Joe: We are really very happy.

Leah: Absolutely.

Joe: It was really awesome.

Leah: Yes, it was.

Joe: And there should be some photos online sometime in the next two weeks. We didn’t do the online. We didn’t do the fancy schmancy. We went to a little tiny Chapel.

Leah: It was very unique and very nice.

Joe: The Stained Glass Chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada, with a very sweet Minister. It was really wonderful. And we are overjoyed to be married. And that’s it.

Leah: Bye.

Joe: Bye.

Why Aren’t We Back (Vegas Edition)

12/29/2004 02:24:10 PM


Well, let’s see. I just said this, you know, but I pressed the END key on the cell phone and lost. I was eloquent. It was genius. You woulda laughed, you’da cried.

But instead I pressed the END key and lost it. Okay. Anyway, so driving through Las Vegas right now, we are not in California because of circumstances beyond our control. It was really rainy last night and yesterday, and that kept us in Utah. The rain was just too terrible.

Not good for driving for Leah’s loaded-down little car and not good. Especially. The problem was that really, we did not have a tarp for the boxes in the back of the truck. And we just had the netting and it just was not good all around. So we stayed with Craig, who’s Leah’s brother in St.George, and had a great time, even though we were all a little bit discombobulated, had a great time with them, and they fed us breakfast this morning and had a nice little visit with them. Unexpected, a little unwanted. But, hey, that’s life, right. But it worked out really well. So we had a bunch of rain and clear skies over Las Vegas currently passing.

Let’s see The Luxor to the left. And we’re about to be out of Vegas. Leah’s desire was not to stop in Vegas this time, which is just fine by me. So hopefully the next stop will be California. And we should be back home tonight.

Thanks for waiting and sorry for the delays, posting and all that other good stuff. So take care. Bye-bye.


San Diego Bloggers, Fixed

Before I left I made some changes over on San Diego Bloggers, leaving it broken visually.


But fixed now! Check it!


I got a nice note from our friend Susan about our wedding, and I thought I’d share it…

I almost forgot that today is The Big Day – congratulations!!! How nice that you’re getting married on the solstice. A good omen, as
this marks a new phase in your lives with the promise of warm sunny days ahead. And — bonus — you’ll be able to remember your anniversary!


Thanks Susan!

Kanab City Library

Right now I’m sitting in the Kanab City Library. Checking in on email and whatnot for the first time in a few days.

They don’t have free WiFi, but they do have a laptop hookup I can use for an hour. I want to swear about [expletive deleted] cool this is.

It’s been a wonderful few days of inaccessibility. Tomorrow Leah and I and the kids will head back for the thicker connectivity of California. Christmas was great, and I’ve been able to get to meet two of Leah’s sisters with much greater detail. And hey, I have new things like brother-in-laws! I have step-nephews and nieces! And not the least of which, I now have official stepsons and a stepdaughter.

All in all, it’s been a great week of marriage and holiday time.

Perhaps more in a bit, but that’s the quickie post I can muster before my hour expires. 🙂

Today: The Day

Today I get married.

There’s a possibility that technical difficulties will get in the way, but I set up an audio blog over on the right there for developments.

Leah and I, and the kids, are all going to Las Vegas, and then on to Utah for the Holiday.

Things are good.

Blessings abound.

I can’t possibly mean it more today: Onward.

Party: A Success

Turnout was great. People were great. Tired this morning.


Marriage ETA: 54 hours.


Profuse Party Apologies & Retroactive Invitations


If you have previously been to our home for a party, been invited but were unable to show, or think you should have been and did not receive an invitation for our holiday/wedding party Saturday night … like, tomorrow dude… please call or email Leah and/or I for more information.

Due to our extreme suckitude, we may have screwed up the very simple process of emailing out invitations to our friends and family.

Please accept our apologies, call us, and come.

Too Much Of a Good Thing? BZZZZZT!

Three bloggers I regularly read, Andy Baio, Matt Haughey, and Jason Kottke, all linked to this: Too much of a good thing?.

The central thesis of this blog entry is there is so much good stuff in the world and it’s depressing not to get to it, and maddening to not get to it.

I agree with this thesis, but the problem is the entry makes it seem as though this is a new and unique problem.

The idea seems to be that with digital acquisition the problem gets magnified and makes the problem unique. Wrong. Libraries present the exact same challenge.

I remember as a kid going into the library and being wowed by the number of books there. I further remember, as a teen, working in San Diego’s big Central Branch library and being even more wowed by my options. Big art books, biographies, more science fiction than I could ever imagine reading, rolls and rolls of old newspapers, magazines bound together forming (literally) tons of potential reading and viewing material. That’s one library. And I’m not even mentioning all the record albums, CDs, cassette tapes, books on tape.

Many libraries now lend out DVDs and VHS movies as well. More and more content, and also still free in the service of the public good.

So many books, so little time, right? Well, sure. But instead of looking at this as a problem, think of it as an opportunity to make choices. In making our choices we define our lives, we define the time we spend. We are making our own culture, for ourselves. If all we’re doing is rushing through what we read and look at, what kind of enjoyment do we get out of those things? How do we let that culture inform our lives?

I would argue that taking your time with the media you consume serves your self-interest more than trying to make sure you acquire each and every digital product out there and never getting to them.

Take the time to stop and the smell the roses, eh? A hoary cliché, to be sure, but good advice.

Nintin corrects me, charmingly!

I get the neatest email. Here’s one about Christmas around the world:

May God bless you keeping an interesting page of Merry Christmas in all languages on your website. This efforts praise worthy and I appreciate it.

Please permit me to suggest one very small improvement on
your page:

It says in Hindi, Christmas Greetings would be: “Bada Din Mubarak Ho”. It should be corrected to “Shubh Bada Din”.

It says in Urdu, Christmas Greetings would be: “Naya Saal Mubarak Ho”. It should be corrected to “Bada Din Mubarak Ho”

Diwali is like Christmas for Hindu’s. We say “Shubh Diwali” or other greetings are “Shubh Labh”. Hindu’s being Shubh should always comes first and then comes the rest. Shubh means benefit and betterment of everyone used for in a very auscipicous and religious way. It is important for Hindus and in a Hindu way of life is to always put “Shubh” as word and in thoughts before everything else.

Nothing bad, just that to Hindu/Hindi speaking, it would look like a Superman, you know like a man wearing underwear
over his pant! 🙂

Mubarak is a word for noble blessings more associated with Eid, which is like a Christmas for them. They say “Eid Mubarak”.

Thank you, kindly.

Thank you, Nitin. You are a fascinating character and I have made the changes you suggested!



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