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Long Time Gone

So sleep is a pastime I have been missing mostly. But it’s all good, crap’s getting done.

Of note in particular is that on a personal level, Leah and I are actually a couple, a partnership, a marriage. We’ve made some amazing progress in counseling these past few months. Mostly what we learned is that working together was a big part of our dysfunction in the near past. There was much much more than that, but working together — the process of relying on each other and being together every waking minute of the day — was extremely stressful to our marriage.

File it all under “it seemed like a good idea at the time…”

I have a lot more respect for spouses who work together and don’t want to set fire to their house, themselves, or their spouse. No, not respect, awe. Well, respect too.

That said, what better way to learn and to grow than to bring your marriage to the brink and work it all out? I am so gratified by the results it almost seemed like it was planned all along!

Of course, at the time, when things were a mess, and I was acting like a jerk, it seemed so out-of-control that it seemed like chaos had taken over.

Lo and behold, things have managed to turn in excellent directions.

I’m very very pleased to be married to a wonderful woman. And let me say, I’m a heckuva man.

We match.

Now, granted, there’s still a pile of stuff to deal with, but in the core, where Leah and I reside, things are pretty cozy. Stressors don’t knock us apart the way they once did.

You make me shiver
I feel so tender,
We make a pretty good team
Don’t get exhausted,
I’ll do some driving,
You ought to get you some sleep

Hot LeahPeah BlogHer Action

I’m smitten.

Leah! by maggiemason
MaggieMason (mightygirl) took this photograph.

“Now Go See Arthur Lee”

I used to do a running gag about bands I’d do with people, particularly my friend missewon. The line was “one of em’s dead, ya can’t go see ’em.” It’s not a particularly funny line. But how else to explain that you couldn’t see the Beatles (Lennon dead), Doors (Morrison), INXS (Hutchence), etc etc. It’s also true of bands like Blind Lemon or Sex Pistols or Sublime or Joy Division. One of em’s dead…

Fast forward ten years, and it’s much harder for me to have levity about death with regards to music. Elvis may have died a ridiculous death, but it is sad that he’s dead. And it’s not really funny for me to think about how Frank Zappa is dead. I missed out on seeing him play, and that eats at me.

Another band, no, person, who was in the back of my mind to see was Arthur Lee. You can read a little bit about him and his band Love in this LA Times obit.

Arthur Lee, who forged a legacy as one of rock’s great visionaries and forbidding eccentrics while reigning briefly with his band Love as princes of the mid-1960s Sunset Strip, died Thursday of leukemia in a Memphis, Tenn., hospital. He was 61.

Lee, who established himself as the first black rock star of the post-Beatles era, fronted Love through astonishing musical changes that have continued to resonate for other rockers and a cult of critics and fans.

But Love also became one of the first burnout bands of the 1960s, and with Lee’s death, only three members survive of the eight who were in the band between 1965 and 1967.

As you probably know, I’m a big fan of Stew/The Negro Problem. In one of the live recordings I have, I can’t remember if it’s from KCRW or from one of the Blackboot series of recordings, Stew sings “Now go see Arthur Lee!”

Based on that line, I looked a little bit into the story of the band. Kind of amazing, given that before that I really had no idea who they were. It’s not like their stuff is particularly radio-friendly, given its eccentricities. And even though I love me my K-EARTH 101 oldies station, Love is not a band one hears there often. So I picked up two Love records about two years ago, and was kind of stunned. Not all of it was great, but damned if “Alone Again Or” is not an amazing spectacle of a song. I mean, it’s a folk rock song featuring Mariachis for goodness’ sake! Kicks ass.

So yesterday morning on my drive (driving, no bus yesterday) I heard the announcer saying they’d play it in tribute. I think it’s a radio station our of Ventura, the Octopus I think. Let’s look that up. Yup. “The Octopus 95.9.” Aside: I quite like that station. I heard Zappa’s Peaches en Regalia followed by Steely Dan’s Any Major Dude Will Tell You one after another some time back. Anyone who knows me, well, and now, I’m telling you, that that’s a happy moment for me, and produces shock in my heart.

This artist who I never saw died, and it evoked more emotion than I anticipated.

Rest in peace, Arthur Lee.

Leahpeah BlogHer Panel

Leah on her Panel. Photo by Sour Duck
I am so proud of her.
Photograph by Sour Duck.


I quite like the concept of Galactus. Though I can’t say I ever read a story with him I really liked. Perhaps the Moebius Silver Surfer story.

Galactus, sometimes called the Devourer of Worlds or Eater of Planets, is a fictional comic book super villain, a cosmic entity within Marvel Comics’ universe.

I Hate Illinois Nazis

Here are some of the files the jerks who want to run exploits look for. I see these in my 404 stats.


(This post is named for a scene in “The Blues Brothers.” Belushi’s “Joliet Jake” Blues’ tone when he sneers at the Illinois Nazis is exactly how I feel about sploggers, script kiddies, and other miscreants).

Featuring LeahPeah from BlogHer

aka JeSais: Blogher Post #2

blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah POST.

…that’s my new favorite sound effect.

Broken namespace url at SixApart?

On, they use a special xml namespace for their custom attributes: xmlns:at=””>

Cool! but appears to be missing.

Maybe that’s just a placeholder?

128 characters or less

blogging on vox.

whilst in transit.


Phrase of the Yesterday

“Electric Fence”


via robotwisdom:

Hifi Wellies @ Raves

What the heck is a “Wellie” — it’s a Wellington boot, of course.

If you’re a foot fetishist, you may like this.

I just think the boots are amazingly diverse, and I can’t remember seeing anything like these in the US.

The Sandals Which I Killt Wif My Walking

The dead sandals #1

Remember back on July 30th where I said “yesterday I walked 4.3 miles, this according to Google Maps Pedometer. My feet HATE me today. And my sandals are now broken, both of them.”

These are they. And now they must be retired.

Affirmation of the Day

“This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad.”


Only Frank Zappa can cure what ails ya.

I have 971 tracks by Mr. Zappa.

4.88 Gigabytes worth.

That’s a lot of healing, brotha.

Tonight: Billy the Mountain, Willie the Pimp, The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing, Montana (Whipping Floss)

Picked up a book from the library for the ride home: Stealing Jesus. Not bad, pretty thoughtful.

Jesus love you, even if you’re a chump. All y’all worrying about getting saved, chill out. Jesus loves you. That apocalyptic stuff is for the birds. Be excellent to each other, dude.

Okay, I have some work to do.

Now Playing

Night Of The Living Baseheads

Very little music is more vital than Public Enemy from “It takes a nation of millions to hold us back.”

Bathroom Singing Par Excellance

Very Zen » Oh Boy.

Amanda B. singing, partly for my very own wife.

Darn good for some random singing in a bathroom.

Clearly, she’s done that before.

Busing or Bussing?

As of a matter of fact, Sunday night I did in fact take a Greyhound Bus from Southern Utah to Los Angeles. It was an adventure.
I took Metrolink too. Remind me to tell you about it all sometime!

Off to work!

It’s alright mama,
It’s alright with me.

Scene from Greyhound Bus Station, Los Angeles, Monday, 4:30am

I tell the cabbie “Union Station.” It’s a solid 2 miles. Too far a walk for how tired I am, and not really convenient on local buses.

“I hate Mayor Villarigosa” declares the cabbie at the Bus Station. “Because he made the FlyAway service, and nobody takes cabs to the airport anymore.”

“Well, don’t you think it’s a good deal for the people who want to go to the airport?” I ask.

He says “sure, but what about us!?!”

I tell him sorry about that, but it’s a good deal for people going to the airport.

He says “it’s alright man. I guess i’ll go back to the Bus Station and try and get a few more fares before I end my night.”

Thing of it is, I wasn’t even going to use FlyAway. I was going Metrolink.

Library, Home Depot, Fry’s

There might not be a more perfect on-the-way-home sequence.

Oh, yes there is, just add, “Leah meets me for dinner and we see a movie.”

Not today though. Leah’s on her way home from Utah now. Victorville or thereabouts.

It can’t be too soon!


She’s Back

YAY! … and safely and everything.

What a relief to have her home.

Today: we have the kids, I have work.  Yesterday I finished listening to the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy: Tertiary Phase. A HH radio series I had not before heard. Some very good belly laughs in there. I got it, like many other good things lately, from the library.
Leah brought home a billion peaches.  A BILLION! What can we do with that many peaches?

I’m not excited about it, but I suppose I should get my act together and get to work now.

Pax + Luv, y’all! It’s a beautiful morning.

Phrase of the Day

The plural of ‘anecdote’ is not ‘data’

LIKE (Transact-SQL)

LIKE (Transact-SQL)

I really had no idea you could use [brackets] the way you can in a SQL Server “LIKE” clause.

You learn something new every day.

Large Decisions Afoot


It’s all good.

Today at Mass

Remember by affirmation of the day the other week, it’s in a song that was the closer at Mass today. It’s from Psalms 118:24

It’s not one I hear every week, it was a nice surprise after having missed Mass several weeks in a row. Felt like a “welcome back” message. That’s a stretch, but then, the varieties of religious and spiritual experience need not be explicable.

When the song started I actually laughed out loud.

Let’s see, in other news, made a big decision for my next position. All I can say at this point is 27:20. That’s not a Bible verse, that’s a measure of time.

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