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Recruiter Etiquette, Or Lack Thereof 2008 Apr 07

Recruiters who track me down to office phone at my dayjob = INSTANTLY BLACKLISTED FOREVER.

Don’t abuse company directories. The fact that that number does not appear anywhere on any resume I’ve ever posted, anywhere on the web, for the ten years I’ve been posting resumes to the web and to online job search services, might be the giveaway.

Rude idiots.

blogged this at 1:00pm in 2008 in April. The 7th was a Monday. You are reading this 12 years later. Comment. There are 2 comments Tweet. Send email. It has hashtags→ .

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I have gotten 2 calls at my desk this week. I like the balls of a salesperson, but I agree with you… it’s an instant no-hire

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