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ArtLung [Joe Crawford]

Web developer & user interface engineer
Tinkering with the web since 1996

email: joe@artlung.com · twitter: @artlung · (photo from instagram)
San Diego, California, USA

Quote of the Day

From Jesse Thorn’s Make Your Thing: 12 Point Program for Absolutely, Positively 1000% No-Fail Guaranteed Success:

You can’t afford to be too precious about your work. Caring is important, but preciousness is the opposite of making stuff. There is no room on the internet for Special Snowflakes who want to procrastinate all day and then drink themselves to sleep and dream about their unwritten novel.

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@leahpeah and Diana

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Balls! (one on the right was a present TO ME)

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Why yes, I am hanging with an 8 year old, why do you ask?

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Oh look another robot drawing!

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Father & Son Light Sabers at Sunset

This weekend

Father & Son Light Sabers at Sunset

Spending it with my Godson Zac, his dad my brilliant friend Chris, and Chris’ daughter Diana. There may be drawing and development.

Think of it as a family BarCamp.

Zac asked me which Star Wars character is my favorite, and I replied with this drawing, though he Zac did say the colors of the bandolier look wrong. Blue and purple should be silver and black. Valid criticism.

Zac’s a year older than I was when I did the drawing.

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Joe & Chris at the Syd Mead “Progressions” Exhibit.

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Coffee with Chris

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