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Lee Scratch Perry, Rest in Peace2021Aug29

I was turned onto Dub music by the writing of William Gibson, whose spacefaring rastas lived in orbit and listened to the homemade reggae beats augmented with electronic loops and heavy slow vibes incessantly. And like so many other cultural artifacts, Lee Perry getting mentioned in a Beastie Boys song—“Sure Shot”—pushed me to seek it out. I picked up “Scratch Attack” in 94. Perry is an incredibly quirky intense singular weirdo and I love his music. Seek out “Disco Devil” or “Having a Party” and lay back and enjoy.

“Punk ya punk
Drink ya drink
Wink you wink and think you think
Drunk you drunk and punk you punk
Funk you funk and drunk you drunk
But when you drunk don’t drive!”

RIP Lee Perry

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