I’m sick…

I’m sick.

This morning I put in a lackluster performance of racquetball. Once home, I napped for about 5 hours. Everything behind my nose feels like it’s filled with silly putty.

Jenny rented several movies the other day, one of which was the new Planet of the Apes. It did not make me well. What the heck happened to Tim Burton. He did a nice job with Batman, and of course Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. And I’ve always been a fan of animation, so I remember seeing Frankenweenie for the first time vividly.

So why the recent lameness in his work? Has he gotten soft? What happened to the brilliance he showed in Ed Wood?

The larger question is this — why remake movies which had real vision? The original Planet of the Apes may be an old movie, but it was a solidly made one. Why re-envision it?

Thinking of the movie business as not making any sense is not a particularly original idea, I suppose.

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