Damn Hard, But Damn Fair Questions Are In Order

We Didn’t Mess Up, They Did
Canada has put its house in order. It’s time to ask the U.S. hard questions about how Sept. 11 was allowed to happen
is a difficult article from Lawrence Martin of Canada’s Globe and Mail. It contains fair questions about why some CIA and FBI asses haven’t been fired with regards to the glaring intelligence failures of September 11th.

An excerpt:

I had in mind a statement from Wesley Wark, one of Canada’s foremost intelligence experts and a consultant to the Privy Council on such matters. “What is happening in the United States took me by surprise,” he said. “I anticipated that in the aftermath of Sept. 11, there would be an enormous hue and cry to find out what went wrong. There has been no hue and cry in the United States. No recriminations, nothing even similar to what happened after Pearl Harbor in 1941…. The United States has drawn a veil of silence over the issue of intelligence failure.”

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