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I picked up the first of three of the Dark Knight Strikes Again

I picked up the first of three of the Dark Knight Strikes Again last week. It’s got a helluva start and warranted me running out. I’m eagerly anticipating #2 and #3, scheduled to come out the weeks of January 16th and February 27th of 2002.

I picked it up at The Comic Gallery. The clerk asked me if I had read it yet – presumably some folks are buying second copies – a reading copy and a save copy. I told him no, and he told me it was powerful stuff. I further told him that I had picked up the original Dark Knight at this very store, when I was taking Driver’s Ed classes across the street. He had been a clerk there even then, though I don’t recall if I bought it from him originally. He was a bit floored and muttered something about feeling old. I replied that well, how old does that make me?!?!

It’s a very odd feeling to return after 15 years to buy the sequel to a comic book.

But not altogether unpleasant.

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