Happy New Year 2002 ... may it be much better than 2001
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Spellpunk and Family Ties

Captain Cursor coins the term Spellpunk …. I like the coinage! It seems to me that with Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings being the rage that I’m noticing fantasy fandom out there.

In other genre news, I bought the new Buckaroo Banzai DVD today. I don’t usually frequent The Wherehouse, but the one I bought it at — near the San Diego Sports Arena — had a a spanish cover of Tainted Love playing, which was an appropriate strangeness to go with the purchase of the genre-bending Banzai.

I also picked up some yummy See’s Candy to bring to an impromptu party for my Aunt Sally, who was married 2 weeks ago. It was nice to see my Mom’s side of the family — the Silva’s. The company was wonderful, and there was lots of great food as well. I rarely see that part of my family, probably to my detriment.

Jenny and I had a wonderful time.

I’m not sure, but could it have been La Union I was listening to at the Wherehouse?

posted this 22 years ago.

(Saturday January 5th 2002 at 4:16pm)

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